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News/11.04. BORCA@ BASS OR DIE

die Bass or Die Crew wieder zum Tanze bittet...

On the decks, next to your host Chris Chronic


 BORKA is a 26 years old DJ/producer/promotor from Ljubljana who's been spinning records since 1999. His style is quite eclectic and freestyle: he plays breaks (new & old funky breaks), drum n' bass (from deep & dubby stuff to liquid funk...), hiphop (mostly instrumental and leftfield beats, indie hiphop), also funk & soul and might add a scratch rutine to his set.

Has played all over Slovenia and abroad: Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Norway, Serbia, Bosnia... with various international artists. His set was played on the infamous London based radio Kiss FM (in the Tayo Poopola show). Borka is a member of a dj/vj/someotherstuff collective called Code.EP. He's also producing music. Has few releases on few compilations, does production/beats for the Ironic Tronic project and some other hiphop acts. Besides deejaying Borka has worked on various projects: a turntables/double bass act with bass player Tomaz Grom, music for a feature movie, animations and theatre... Does promotional/program work for club K4 (mainly dn'b, freestyle & hiphopish events), done nights with acts like Marky, Bonobo, Dj Krush, Zinc, Big Bud, Dj Format, Danny Breaks, Dj Yoda, Quantic ...

Has a radio show called BreakWave on
Radio Student which is dedicated to presenting fresh breakbeats in the broadest sense of the word. Writes music
reviews for some magazines.

 SlickDevlan Disko404

Member of the disko404 Crew, located in Graz. DJing scince 2001, playing mainly Drumandbass, Jungle and Dubstep, but my style also sometimes includes Breakbeat, Minimal, Electro or other stuff. Always depending on the occasion

 BASS or Die - BÄSSER geht es immer







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