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The Little Things
MR DERO & KLUMZY TUNG, The Little Things
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 About Chris Chronsky:

Chris Chronsky, strongly influenced by Hip Hip and Funk, started started DJing about ten years ago. Over the past years he created his own style mixing 
all kinds of genres to make the crowd move. His label Tiefparterre Records offered him the great opportunity to release his prodcutions, to take over 
the event management and promotion for BUTTERBAR and to do workshops. He developed various guerillia marketing campaigns, that got a lot of attention throughout the Austrian media. Inspired by other artists Chris Chronsky also started doing audio visual DJ sets. It´s kind of a multimedia club experience, that will leave his audience with their mouths open. Chronsky´s monthly mixtapes can be heard on national and international radio stations.


Jazzin / Ammunition 12" Single (released 2008) by chris chronic  


The Chris Chronsky Saga Continues

An EPic tale of one mans multigenre mission to supply good vibes to dance floors throughout the musical universe!

Chronsky is joined on the EPic by four characters... Chef, Rabbi, Monkey and Rastafari, all bouncing along, blasting out Hip Hop, Uptempo, Breakbeat, Dubstep and House influenced beats.
The character of the frequencies were captured by Chronsky connecting live instrument recordings with drum machine sounds, synths and samples, which were then converted into powerful audio masters by Heinz Luschtinez at Zollfrei Zone Studios, ready to pump loud and clear, from any sound system in the speakersphere!

You can track down all five songs on the major download platforms and enjoy a free of charge listening preview on a SoundCloud sound station. The saga is far from over...

Special thanks to Pandas for designing the characters!
Also to the lovely Katharina Seiler at Nebulabor for creating the cover artwork.


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