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News/17.10.2008 KID FRESH@ BUTTERBAR



  • EL KJU

Die Butterbar, your mom und jan einer gunarson proudestdestdestliestdestestly present.

"Straight out of Hong Kong, into your tanzbein - der 3 fache DJ WORLD CHAMPION schmiert auf der Butterbar"

Kid Fresh is knwon for throwing many Genres into one Melting Pot while being able to read every type of crowd and give the people what they need to raise the roff. From classic & new Hip Hop, Dancehall reggae; R&B and Funk to Rock, Electro, House, Breakbeats, Grime, Bmore club, Baile funk and 70s,90s,80s Classics, his repertoire is covering simply all the best in Clubmusic from the last 30 years until today. Combined with genuine Trickmixing and Turntable Wizardry you would expect from a 3 x World Champion, his abilities make him stand out like a Skycraper from your Bunch of average club djs.

Den BUTTERBAR Promo Mix Vol VI mit Mixes von KID FRESH und seinem Fitnessbruder DJ RAFIK, dem undisputed 6 times in a row World Chapion, der uns am 28.NOVEMBER beehren wird findet ihr ab sofort in unserer DOWNLOADAREA.

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