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MR DERO & KLUMZY TUNG, The Little Things
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News/Klumzy Tung - Happy Accidents - The release begins


Happy Accidents is the debut solo album from genre-spanning, lyricist and London freestyle urbanite Klumzy Tung, produced by Mr.Dero.

Having racked up well over a million views online in his more familiar role of MC and freestyle wit, Klumzy Tung now releases his first singer-songwriter collection on independent label Tiefparterre, once again teaming up with musical collaborator Mr.Dero, to produce ten tracks of original material. In a bold move Klumzy Tung is releasing each track with an accompanying video, one-a-month for ten months!

The first one - called Loyal-Tea (One of Ten) - is out now! 


 "The mood of the album is really something genuine, the demos were recorded in a London bathroom and we loved the sound so much that when the time came to record the album we knew, it had to be done in one-take performances". Creating a perfect performance in one take was a big challenge and during one of the recording sessions guitarist Andreas Furstner spoke the immortal words: "There are no mistakes... only Happy Accidents", which ultimately became the album title.

 Klumzy Tung - Loyal-Tea (Happy Accidents/One of Ten)

"The album is being released on independent label Tiefparterre and was recorded at Zollfreizone studios in Graz, Austria. Working with independents has always been important to Klumzy Tung, "we work on all aspects of a release on a restricted budget, but in exchange we're rewarded with the satisfaction that comes with creative freedom. We really believe in this album and depend on our fans for the support, we need to make this material the success it should be".

 And remember - "There are no mistakes... only Happy Accidents".


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