The Little Things
MR DERO & KLUMZY TUNG, The Little Things
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News/The Little Things Worldwide – DJ Mix Retrospective

The Little Things Worldwide is a retrospective, presenting some of the best DJ mixes worldwide containing tracks of the "Little Things by Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung".

Since we are a real 'grass roots' label, where it's all about the work-rate and skills of those involved, we are coming up with a "modest" marketing budget. So we are depending on real DJs digging and spreading our records in the clubs - making the nod of appreciation for our music all the more satisfying.

We kick off our retrospective with Danny Massure, DJ, Producer, Drummer and Songwriter from San Diego (USA), who is digging the funk out of "The Little Things". His podcast/radio show has gained thousands of subscribing followers and is syndicated on FM and internet radio, blogs and websites in over 15 countries around the globe...  


Danny Massure Mix January 2011 by Danny Massure
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